10 Selling Tips on Amazon FBA to Grow Sales & Win Market Share

Whether you’re taking the first step toward building your online empire, searching for a way to sell your handmade works of art or looking to complement the sales of your own e-commerce website, online marketplaces provide sellers with a chance to get their products in front of a huge audience and boost sales.

Check out what the pros had to say:

1. Title optimization: Buyers judge products by the title, so Amazon wants your title to be short, descriptive and to the point. Here are some key points to include in your title:

  • Brand Name
  • Name of the Product
  • Features such as color, size or use

2.  Be Competitive: Sell items that have enough margin to offer you a reasonable rate of return while still being competitively priced. Do not forget to factor in inventory, order fulfillment, and overhead expenses.

3. Optimize your Amazon sales funnel: Sit down and write out all objections your prospects have. Then answer those objections in your sales copy. Every single time you do this, without exception, you will see that the conversion rate will increase.

4. Automate Your Listings: Spending your time continuously listing products is not only time-consuming but may be a waste of time that you could be better spending on marketing, customer engagement, and other key business strategies. Using an Amazon listing tool can help you with listing products in bulk.

5. Sync products to save time and lift customer experience: Sync your products from your e-commerce store to Amazon or eBay and other marketplaces. The advantage is that you will be able to keep your quantity levels in check on all platforms. Look for a third-party provider that will help you sync software between your e-commerce store and shopping marketplaces.

6. Invest in products photos: Marketing tip for online vendors is to invest in the best photography you can afford. Why? This is important because it’s the difference between people buying your product or not. If your product photos lack professionalism, no one will be motivated to purchase.

7. Don’t forget to include graphs: Including additional graphics to product images can also be hugely beneficial Highlighting core value points within the product photos can help users get a better idea of what the product is all about at a glance.

8. Don’t forget about Google: Google is an over-arching marketplace that sees into the content of all other websites… Everything you do will probably be indexed by Google as well. Just because you’re selling the product on Amazon, don’t neglect using traditional SEO methodologies. 

9. Create a storefront for your brand: Amazon has recently allowed sellers to create a Branded Storefront page. This is an incredibly easy way to spotlight your products in a way that aligns with your brand identity. The tool even helps you to gain insight from the page traffic, as well as direct ads directly to your Storefront.

This one does not apply any longer since Amazon has changed its policies.

10. Give it away for free: Offer customers a one-off 99% discount code (Amazon won’t currently allow you to offer 100%), in exchange for a review. This will instantly improve your Amazon search ranking and will hopefully ensure that those customers will think of you next time they need an item you sell.

With these tips, we’re sure you’ll get better results on your Amazon FBA business

The ezHustle team.

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